Tech Friends works with clients to help them successfully run and build their business using leading, mainstream technology solutions. However, we recognize that technology is just a tool. It is ever-evolving and only part of a complete solution. That's why we partner with our customers to give them long term consultation and support at every step of their IT needs and training requirements.

We deliver these solutions through a proven methodology based on more than fifteen years of experience and hundreds of client implementations. In combining our business background with technical expertise, we offer the following services to our clients:

  • VMware Consulting:
  • Cisco UCS: (Unified Computing System)
  • Cisco FlexPod:
  • Cisco VSPEX:
  • DMZ Solutions:
  • Staffing:
  • Network Installation & Configuration:
  • Technology Consulting:
  • Managed IT Services:

VMware Consulting:

Tech FriendsTech Friends has partnered with VMware to deliver powerful proven virtual infrastructure solutions that enable organizations to maximize hardware and IT efficiencies. We are an experienced VMware Solutions provider. From the desktop to the data center, you can virtualize your computing, storage and networking systems with our VMware consulting experience. From planning and design to implementation, you can rely on Tech Friends VMware consultants to give you sound advice. Our VMware experts can help you find a virtualization solution that leverages your existing technology to increase server and other resource utilization, improve performance, increase security and minimize system downtime, and reduce the cost and complexity of delivering enterprise services. Tech Friends VMware Consulting Team combines its expertise in virtual computing with an excellent reputation in account management, product pricing and project delivery.

Cisco UCS: (Unified Computing System)

Tech Friends we are one of the companies who implement Cisco UCS for Cisco's different groups and labs. Our engineers are expert deploying Cisco UCS for medium and large enterprises. We architect Cisco UCS components, install Cisco UCS hardware, configure connectivity, installing and troubleshooting Cisco Nexus 5000 and MDS switches, Installing and configuring fabric interconnects, pools and service profiles per your requirements. We implement Cisco best practices from start to finish.

Cisco FlexPod:

Tech Friends engineers are experts in designing and implementing NetApp, Cisco, and VMware solutions and implement VMware vSphere built on FlexPod™,an optimized data center solution in a rack—comprised of leading computing, storage, and software components. This shared infrastructure solution is designed to easily scale vertically or horizontally to accommodate multiple workloads from Data Warehouse solutions to Secure Multi-tenant environments. It can be configured for virtual desktops or server infrastructures and is a solid, proven infrastructure for Cloud environments.

Cisco VSPEX:

Tech Friends engineers provide you advice and solutions implementation for Cisco solution for the EMC VSPEX. We deliver VSPEX pre-validated and modular architecture built with proven best of-breed technologies to create and complete an end-to-end virtualization solution. The end-to-end solutions enable you to make an informed decision while choosing the hypervisor, compute, storage and networking layers. VSPEX eliminates the server virtualization planning and configuration burdens. The VSPEX infrastructures accelerate your IT Transformation by enabling faster deployments, greater flexibility of choice, efficiency, and lower risk. This Cisco Validated Design focuses on the Microsoft Hyper-V architecture for 50 and 100 virtual machines with Cisco solution for the EMC VSPEX.

DMZ Solutions:

Tech Friends engineers are experts in architecting and implementing demilitarized zones (DMZ). A separate network located in the neutral zone between a private (inside) network and a public (outside) network. A DMZ environment consists of numerous service and infrastructure devices depending on the business model of the organization. Often, servers, firewalls, network intrusion prevention systems (IPSs), host IPSs, switches, routers, application firewalls, and server load balancers are used in various combinations within a DMZ.


Tech Friends is the leading IT staffing and services company with over 13 years of experience in the IT staffing and IT recruiting services industry, specializing in applications, infrastructure, and communications technologies. Our capabilities span a wide range of services from technical staff augmentation and direct placement services, to full management of technology projects and comprehensive workforce management solutions. We are experts at connecting technical professionals. Whether you are looking for the best IT talent, an experienced IT outsourcing partner, or a career in the IT industry, Tech Friends delivers.

Network Installation & Configuration:

Tech Friends is specialized in designing and implementing wired and wireless networks using routers switches and firewalls. Whether you simply want to access the Internet, or need your entire business configured for a wired or wireless network, our capable engineers will design your wireless or wired network and ensure you have a dependable and reliable network.

Technology Consulting:

Tech Friends Information technology consultants too often stress the technology at the expense of providing information. Tech Friends provides solutions for your business issues, that's what we deliver. Our consultants optimize the three critical components of people, process, and technology to provide solutions that your business can use.

Managed IT Services:

Tech Friends managed IT services knows how to get work done better, faster and more cost-effectively is ever present in business. While assembling strong teams of qualified experts remains critical to driving successful IT outcomes, IT leaders today must also consider ways to optimize the structure of IT strategy and operations.

At Tech Friends, our vision of assisting companies in gaining greater control of and return on their technology investment continues to be at the core of everything we do. We are committed to the belief that our support and consulting solutions help businesses and provide them a competitive advantage in the market place. Since Tech Friends was formed, our charter has been to deliver that vision through our team of dedicated and experienced individuals. We at Tech Friends are so confident in our abilities to help with any of your IT needs, another reason why Tech Friends Solutions is a sure bet!